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This is a very special custom one off 3 string cigar box guitar.

We endeavoured to make a truly unique one off. A multi laminated one piece neck encompassing the heel and head-stock.  After 4 attempts we finally managed to produce a composite neck that was straight and true.

Custom Made
Quality 3 String Guitars

Why 3 Strings? Half The Effort, Twice The Fun
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P16 Neck
front long view
back box neck 2
box back and neck
box neck detail 2
rear long view
jack detail
front long view 2
front neck detail
back neck detail
headstock front
headstock rear
white box detail
Nuts And Bolts Time.

If this model were ever to be put into production, with all the problems associated with this unique
multi-laminated neck we would have to charge way in excess of 600.

However, we realise 600 is just not viable, we can't ask a customer to subsidise us and pay for all the
necks we throw away because they don't meet our high standard. That's why this is a one off and
will never go into full production.

350 would be a fair price for a pristine guitar straight out of the workshop.

However this was a prototype, we used it to find any faults there might have been during the manufacturing process, and the neck aside, there were none, this guitar is solid, stays in tune,
sounds brilliant and plays like a dream.  We can't call it pristine, slightly (and very lightly)
used would be a good description, therefore we're only asking 170

That's pretty much a break even price, but we've had a lot of fun with it.

FOR SALE 170 Approximately 190 (FREE P&P see below)

UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, Neverlands, Germany Austria, Monaco, Luxembourg, San Marino, Vatican City, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia.

If you live outside these areas please email us for a quote. Contact details top right of page.